April 21, 2024

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Nevada Copper Belt Railroad Depot in Mason, digitally restored by Charles Newcombe.

Nevada Copper Belt Railroad in Mason & Newcombe’s Electrical Service

Mason Valley Historian,  Charles Bishop Newcombe, shared a photo from his Grandfather Charles Burgess Newcombe’s glass plate negatives.

Charles writes: “This one is an early (1910-11) picture of the Nevada Copper Belt Railroad Depot in Mason. Only the concrete vault, visible in this picture, still survives in Mason.”

Nevada Copper Belt Railroad Depot in Mason, digitally restored by Charles Newcombe.

The glass plate negative had been water damaged, but Mr. Newcombe was able to digitize the photo resulting in an awesome clarity.

“The glass plate negative, sharp as it is, was water damaged. Here is the condition before I digitally restored it,” Charles Bishop Newcombe wrote.
Nevada Copper Belt Railroad Co. Time Table No. 2. ~Mason Valley News in March 1910, courtesy of Newspapers.com


Grandfather Charles Burgess Newcombe (CBN the Ist), worked at Nevada Copper Belt Railroad Depot when it opened in 1910, then left to open Newcombe’s Electrical Service in 1917. CBN the 1st operated the business until his death in 1954.

Charles’ father Charles Bert Newcombe (CBN the 2nd) worked at Nevada Copper Belt “NCB” from 1937 to 1947.  CBN the 2nd ran the Newcombe’s Electrical Service in Yerington after his father died in 1954 until 1960.

Charles Newcombe’s Father Charles Bert Newcombe pictured in the 1990s at the Railroad Depot Vault in Mason NV. ~Photo shared by Charles Bishop Newcombe

Newcombe’s Electrical Service operated for 43 years out of the same building (where Fabri’s Furniture, then Hammond Furniture did business, but in newer structure).

Charles Bert Newcombe in front of Newcombe’s Electrical Service. Photographed sometime in the 1920’s. ~submitted by Charles Bishop Newcombe


Location of Newcombe’s Electrical Service from 1917 to 1960. Neighboring stone building still exists. ~Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Thank you, Charles Bishop Newcombe for providing priceless photographs and information for our Pizen Switch Times readers!

~Leah Moore Wilkinson