July 24, 2024

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Pioneer Crossing Casino in Yerington NV. ~Google Maps

The Yerington Movie House Reopens After COVID Shutdown

Nick Beaton, Director of Communications and Resource Development for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley  (BGC) reports that the Yerington Movie House reopened July 10th, 2021.

Pioneer Crossing houses the  162 seat theater and generously leases it to the BGC for $1 per year.

According to : https://bgcmasonvalley.org/yerington-movie-house/ “The Yerington Movie House is operated by and benefits Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley. The Yerington Movie House is Lyon County’s state-of-the-art movie theater with all the modern amenities including:

  • A 3D digital projector
  • Stadium seating
  • Surround sound audio
  • A full snack bar
  • Affordable prices with a fun, family atmosphere

The Yerington Movie House utilizes our teen members as an entrepreneurial project and teaches them job training skills.”

Thomas Crowder manages and trains the theater staff.

The Yerington Movie House shows films every Saturday & Sunday at 6pm with doors opening 1/2 hour prior to the show.

General Admission – $6.50
Child – $5.00
Club Member with Card – $4.00
Senior – $5.00
Matinee – $5.00

The Yerington Movie House. ~ photo courtesy of cinematreasures.org

According to Cinematreasures.org  (http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/47128),

“This theater opened on March 17, 1992 as part of Casino West, a family run operation. At some point, the theater was vacant when the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley was approached to take it over. While it was a chance to run a business, their main objective was to give their ‘Leaders In Training’ students a chance to get hands on experience.

They have run the theater since 2008… As a non-profit, they have received grants to help with theater renovations as well as upgrade to digital.

(Several) years ago, the casino was sold and is now known as Pioneer Crossing.”

Old timers  of Mason Valley might remember attending movies across the street from the current Yerington Movie House, at the Yerington Theater run by Gina Perry.

The Old Yerington Theater run by Gina Perry. In 2021 the Yerington Inn is on the site. ~unknown source

From the 1970s and before, when a film was playing, Gina would “shut down the movie until you kids quiet down” while shining her flashlight at the noisy culprits. When it became quiet, she would circle beams from her light on the ceiling and the film would resume.

Present customers at the Yerington Movie House should not expect this same treatment!

~Leah Moore Wilkinson