April 23, 2024

The Pizen Switch Times

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1927 Compiled by E.W. Reed: Opportunity Awaits You in the Sunny, Fertile Valleys of Lyon County Nevada


“Where the Land Owns the Water”

Dr. Ralph Baker of Yerington, Nevada recently shared a booklet with the Pizen Switch Times written in 1927 by E.W. Reed.

The final page read “This book authorized by the Exposition Board of Directors of Lyon County, consisting of  George Freidhoff; M.R. Penrose; M.J. King; F.W. Simpson; J.D. Yeager; Peter Hendricks; Edward C. Reed; and W.A. Hardy.  In cooperation with the Board of County Commissioners C.E. Wedertz; M.J. King; and Fred Bertrand.”

Mason Valley residents may recognize Friedhoff (Lane); Pete Hendricks (Road); Penrose (Estates, Drive, Lane).



The page on Mason Valley reads as follows:

“Burbank Potato Field Ready to Harvest

Mason Valley


Located in the central portion of Lyon County is Mason Valley, comprising 69,000 acres. This area is the largest farming area in the county and one of the great valleys under the Walker River Irrigation system. Extending from north to south a distance of 25 miles and east to west from 8 to 10 miles, this valley is the center of population of the county and produces the greatest share of the agricultural and mineral wealth of the county. Secure in its productiveness from the water supply from the two tributaries of the Walker River, which are headed by the two reservoirs of the district, probably the most efficient system in the West, the main source of income is from dairying, livestock and potato raising, with the production of grain, hay and forage feed and the poultry, bee and hog industries, assisting in diversification.

The most important of the cash crops grown in Lyon County is the famous Burbank potato, glistening in its white skin, firm in its texture and with high yielding quality combined with unexcelled cooking superiority. Mason Valley ships out an average of 400 (railroad) cars per year to Coast markets.  Experts are agreed that few places in the West can grow such superior potatoes, and with a yield of seven to fourteen tons per acre of marketable product with an average price of $30 per ton, the crop brings in over a quarter of a million dollars per year to the famers of the valley.

Traversed by railroad, highway and river, offering the advantages of the county seat of Lyon County with the industry of the copper mines and smelter, with the rich soil of the mountains producing to capacity, well tilled farms and beautiful homes, dairying and diversified agriculture, industrious farmers and business men, this valley offers opportunities in capital letters.

Yerington, the county seat, lies in the heart of Mason Valley. Modern buildings and business houses offer all civic and recreational advantages to the larges town in the county. Headed by a Chamber of Commerce, Yerington has many civic and fraternal organizations. Living conditions are above the average and rents are low.

The towns of Mason and Wabuska are also situation in Mason Valley. Mason is one of the main terminals of the Nevada Copper Belt Railroad and Wabuska is situated on the main line of the southern Pacific Railroad. Both serve as business centers for their sections of the valley and enjoy their share of the business of mines and smelter.”