May 29, 2024

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1954 : Mason & Smith Valleys, Yerington, Weed Heights & Anaconda ~ Nevada Highways & Parks

The following article that includes information on Smith Valley, Mason Valley, Yerington, Weed Heights and Anaconda is printed from the magazine Nevada Highways and Parks, a publication of the Nevada Department of Highways, May to August 1954 Edition.

In 1954, many of the photos were provided to Nevada Highways & Parks from the Yerington Chamber of Commerce.

Mason Valley Historian Charles Newcombe reported in 2024 that: “This is the issue I was published in as a freshman in high school. I climbed the Bulkhead cliff at the west end of Wilson Canyon and took the image of the highway bridge. I also provided the image from the same spot taken by my grandfather in 1910. There was no highway then – only a footbridge in that location.”

The Thompson Smelter and Mason photographs were reprints from Charles Newcombe’s grandfather’s “glass-plate negative collection. The Thompson Smelter chimney was still standing in the early 1950s.”