July 12, 2024

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Established 2021

Exploration Update from Hudbay’s Mason Project ~ December 2023

Mason Project: Exploration Update

Press Release 12/05/2023

In a world transitioning towards sustainable energy and increasing electrification, the demand for copper continues to soar. Hudbay’s Mason Project, nestled in Lyon County, Nevada, stands as a potentially significant contributor to meeting this demand.

Amidst growing demand for responsibly produced products, Hudbay remains committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable mining practices. The company has integrated rigorous environmental protocols throughout its projects, ensuring minimal environmental impact while maximizing resource extraction.

Copper’s significance in today’s world should not be overlooked. It is fundamental in producing energy infrastructure, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and telecommunications and it is the second most used material by the U.S. Department of Defense. As the global shift towards cleaner energy intensifies, the demand for copper will only increase. The United States currently imports 41% of the copper it needs. The Mason Project  could supply 7% of total U.S. demand.

Additionally, the expansion and development of the Mason Project will bring substantial economic benefits to Lyon County and its residents. The project’s progression means job creation and a prosperous local economy. The increased mining activity generates tax revenue, contributing to community development and supporting essential regional services and infrastructure.

Looking ahead, Hudbay is focused on responsible mining practices, planning to leverage innovation to enhance efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. The company continues to engage with local stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and communities to foster transparent communication and mutual understanding. These engagement activities help to ensure the project’s success while addressing concerns and mitigating potential effects.

The Mason Project will be a model of responsible mining practices and economic progress. Its ongoing exploration efforts, commitment to sustainability, and critical role in meeting the rising global demand for copper highlight its significance to modern mining. With a focus on responsible growth, Hudbay’s endeavors at Mason pave the way for a promising future.