March 3, 2024

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Tahoe Fence Partners with Boys & Girls Club and NITC for New Property Fencing

Tahoe Fence to partner with Club, Night in the Country for new property fencing

~Longtime Club-supporter donating $75,000 in manpower and material~


YERINGTON, Nev. – A longtime partner and supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley, Tahoe Fence Co. is partnering with Night in the Country to fence the fundraiser’s new site.

When the project is all said and done, Tahoe Fence Co. will have donated $75,000 in labor and material to the youth organization and country music festival. The perimeter line, totaling nearly 4,000 feet, will be finished by the 2024 event. The company also provided fencing at the Club’s Dayton clubhouse and teen center. All of the interior, temporary fencing will continue to be donated by Tholl Fence each year.

“The amount of support our Club has received just amazes me,” Travis Crowder, the Club’s CEO, said. “Between Peri & Sons Farms, Peavine Construction, Western Nevada Supply and now Tahoe Fence, the site is starting to look great. And not a cent of programming dollars has had to go toward it.”


Night in the Country will make its debut at Peri & Sons Farms’ The Grange in July of 2024. Bailey Zimmerman, with hits like Rock and a Hard Place and Religiously, is set to headline the festival’s first Saturday night at its new home.


“We’re doing everything we can to get the grounds ready for this next year,” said Justin Aguilar, the Club’s festival director. “The ground is graded, the water lines and irrigation are going in, and we have fencing and gravel next. Night in the Country fans are going to have a great first year at The Grange.”

Select passes are still on sale for the 2024 festival. To secure your passes and campsites, visit


Our community thanks you, Tahoe Fence Company! ~ Pizen Switch Times