February 21, 2024

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Beachland Campsite Contest 2023 Early Check-in Campers on Wednesday, July 19th: NITC NV Photos for Media Use - Courtesy Night in the Country Music Festivals

NITC’s Early Check-In Campers Play Texas Hold ‘Em ~ Create a Painting ~ Set up Beachland

Yerington, Nevada ~ Per Katie Heuberger, Public Relations Director at Liquid Blue Events in Reno, Nevada, “Night in the Country is Nevada‘s largest and longest running country music festival and features 3 nights of concerts, festival experiences, camping, and more.” And, “For the 4th consecutive year, the festival is sold out.”

Wednesday night featured 2 popular events that were exclusively available for Early Check-In Campers: NITC’s Texas Hold ‘Em featuring dinner, casino quality tables, a variety of beverages at the bar, and a “pot full of prizes”; And Vino Van Gogh which is a painting event also exclusive to Early Check-in Campers who can sip wine while an artist assists them in creating a painting.

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Pizen Switch Times thanks Liquid Blue Events for the information and photographs in this article.