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Sheriff Pope’s Message of the Week: June 16, 2023

Message of the Week 06/16/2023

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office completed its third saturation patrol on Friday June 9th. This is the third saturation patrol since January. Silver Springs and Stagecoach were the area of focus for the event. This event was unannounced, however it was clear to the citizenry almost immediately that it was taking place. Within the first hour a Facebook thread on the “Silver Springs/Stagecoach Peeps” began. A few jokes were made, however the comments stating “it’s our turn for saturation patrol” caught my attention.

Community engagement in the Sheriff’s Office is a top priority and I was pleased that members of the community are paying attention to Sheriff’ Office events and patrols.

The saturation patrol started out slow with a few traffic stops but business began to pick up once the sun was going down. During the saturation patrol 106 traffic stops were made, 11 people were arrested and at least 6 vehicles were impounded. The Nevada State Police, Highway Patrol provided 3 additional troopers to assist in the operation.

While all of the arrests made are significant, one in particular arrest stood out. During the saturation patrol a felony arrest was made on the convicted armed robbery suspect, who robbed the Silver Strike Casino. The suspect was previously arrested, convicted, and absconded from sentencing. Other Felony arrests, DUI arrests were also made.

The purpose of the saturation patrols is to target the criminal element that use our communities to hide in, and victimize. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is taking a proactive approach to crime suppression and targeting those that choose criminal activity over our quality of life.

There are several community events happening this weekend that the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is participating:

There is a craft faire in Stagecoach, all of the booth fees are being donated to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office K9 division. The event is on June 17th, at Stagecoach Junction located at 5955 Apache Dr, Stagecoach, NV 89429. Thank you to those hosting the event and helping our K9 division thrive.

The Yerington car show is taking place on June 17th as well. This is being held at Dini’s in Yerington, NV. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office’s SWAT vehicle, the sentinel will be at the car show. Stop by and take look!

In closing, happy father’s day! Please stay safe on this father’s day weekend, the weather should be tolerable. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Sheriff Brad Pope