June 12, 2024

The Pizen Switch Times

Established 2021

During the “Catch a Moment in Time” event in Yerington, resident Omar Lopez raised $300 for the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office K-9 units.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez was the key organizer of this event and reported, “This was totally a team effort. This could have not been possible without the help of; Val and Wayne Garcia, the Keystone Club kids, Jeff Stanton, Jack Boger, Jeff Pope, Kip Henderson, Robert Cooper, Hudbay, Yerington Chamber, Raley’s, True Value, Peggy Bitler, Nevada Copper, City of Yerington, City Council, Stacey LarsenJoel LopezErin LopezZiek LopezDavid BaumbackBoys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley, Fire department, Police department, Osmar’s Party Supplies, and the band The Lost Reverends of The High Sierra. Thank you all for your help and support on the “Catch a Moment in Time” event. I appreciate you all very much!”