February 21, 2024

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No Excuses 5k on Veterans Day 2021: Kutoven Stevens Takes 1st Overall in the City of Trees

Pizen Switch Times thanks Misty Stevens for providing the following information and photos:

Misty wrote: “No Excuses 5k in Sacramento today. Ku took 1st overall! Thank you for taking him Coach Lupe (Cabada) Sierra Endurance Sports representing! Great job everyone!”

Of the top 5 competitors:  # 352 Kutoven  finished at 15:30; Sierra Endurance Sports team members # 116 Lupe Cabada came in at 15:47 & #91 Luis Barraza finished at 16:31; and Damonte High School Cross Country stand-out  #159 Jackson Elliot crossed the finish line 5th at 16:31.