March 3, 2024

The Pizen Switch Times

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Volunteer Tim Denver Spruces Up Landscaping Near Yerington Airport

A few weeks ago, some Yerington community members and visitors voiced complaints on social media about the imperfections of leaf accumulation, weed growth, etcetera at the Yerington Airport.

Clean up near the Yerington Airport. Photo courtesy of Ricky Ortega.

Tim Denver decided to do something about it.

This past weekend in the 100 degree heat and smoky air (unhealthy air index), Tim was out raking leaves, pulling weeds, and shovelling debris into a trailer, transporting the trash to the transfer station, and paying for the 6 cubic yards of refuse.

Tim Denver. Photo courtesy of Ricky Ortega.

Ricky Ortega photographed Tim to thank him and bring recognition to this volunteer. Tim Denver did not ask for or want the recognition, but many Mason Valley residents are grateful to Tim for, as Nancy Gazzano put it, “taking such pride in the airport”.