February 27, 2024

The Pizen Switch Times

Established 2021

Vintage Placemat Advertises Memorable Mason Valley Businesses

Vintage restaurant placemat advertising Yerington.
“See me first and last”
S & H stood for Sperry & Hutchison.
Ham and Eggs 99 cents.
One day service…
Evenings by appointment.
Art and Hobby Shop.
The other 2 were Lyon’s Market and RC Market.
“When It Comes to Good Food”
Yerington, center of the world.
Pizen Switch boasted “more bars than churches.”
Dini’s: a mainstay in Yerington.

Menesini’s Variety Store & Fountain, later called Home Cafe.
Spudnut, John’s Fine Foods, Crossroads, Rex, Pizen Switch Art Gallery, Lucky Club, Cline’s.
Sav’n Sams, K & M, Thrifty, Reliable, Variety Store & Fountain, Carl O. Gelmstedt, Anton Beauty Salon.
Wabuska Grocery, Church Directory, Mileage.

Joyce Casler submitted this placemat she found during a recent Spring cleaning.  Thank you, Joyce, for a walk down memory lane.