July 12, 2024

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2022 YHS Safe and Sober Graduation Basket from Arrighi, Blake & Associates, LLC

Time to BUILD A BASKET for 2024 Safe & Sober Grad Night for YHS Seniors

It’s Graduation Time for our 2024 Seniors of Yerington High School. Donations are being accepted to put together the “Safe and Sober Grad Night” Baskets. The Parent Committee is trying to gather enough donations so that EVERY graduating Senior can receive a basket of goodies to help them transition into real life!

Individual donations of items are being accepted; however they would also appreciate if you would like to “build” a basket of your own to donate. Ideas for basket stuffers include items like bath towels & wash cloths, dish soap & cleaning supplies, sewing kits, duct tape, small tools, playing cards, office supplies, laundry bags, address books, kitchen utensils & dishes, blankets, non-perishable food, first aide & hygiene items, etcetera.

Monetary donations will also go towards the purchase of larger prizes to award on the evening of the Safe and Sober event.

The 2024 Safe and Sober Event is being held at the Boys and Girls Club.

If there is anyone in the community that would like to donate a laundry basket filled with household essentials that would be fantastic.

This year the Safe & Sober Grad Night needs 80 baskets by June 12th!
Any questions? Contact: Heather Cooper, Parent Organizer at 775.781.3987