April 19, 2024

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Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Message of the Week: February 2, 2024

Message of the Week: 02/02/2024

The first saturation patrol of the New Year was conducted last Friday night (01/26/2024). The target of the saturation patrol was the Dayton patrol zone. This event was unannounced, and the planning for the event began in December. One of the goals of the saturation patrol is to suppress crime in the designated area, even if it is for one night. The dispatched calls for service were very low, a phenomenon we see during saturation events.

In 2023, the Sheriff’s Office increased traffic stops on Highway 50, by over 100%. Our goal is to continue to increase those numbers, in an attempt to make Highway 50 a safer roadway. As you will see in the statistics below, our goal is to maintain a visible presence to deter traffic-related crimes, not issue tickets, or “generate revenue” as the critics would put it.

Below are the statistics for the eight hours the event took place:
-Traffic citations issued: 16
-Traffic warnings: 70
-Criminal Arrest Reports: 4
-Settled at scene: 3
Subject stops: 4
Suspicious vehicle: 1
Walk thru: 1
Warrant service: 1
Disabled vehicle: 1
Follow up: 1

Coroner call: 1

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to respond to calls for service in a timely and professional manner. The average response times will be shared on a quarterly basis. For reference, I am including our January 2024, alongside our 2022, and 2023 response times. They are the first picture attached to this message.

For 2024, we have added the Smith Valley law zone and will begin tracking data specifically related to Smith Valley, per the request of their advisory board. We are working on separating Mound House and possibly Stagecoach out as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, if you see our Deputies out and about and have the opportunity, say hello, and tell them they’re doing a great job!

Sheriff Brad Pope