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Presidential Preference Primary Election Information : Lyon County, Nevada

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January 5, 2024                              


Presidential Preference Primary Election Information


Yerington, Nevada – Nevada State Law requires the Lyon County Clerk/Treasurer’s Office to conduct the Presidential Preference Primary (NRS 298.600-720) held on Tuesday, February 6, 2024. This election is only open for registered voters of the two major political parties, Democrat and Republican. Early voting begins on Saturday, January 27 and runs through Friday, February 2, 2024. A list of polling locations and the dates and times for early voting in Lyon County are available on the Lyon County website and on sample ballots mailed to Lyon County registered voters.


The Clerk/Treasurer’s Office has prepared the following Frequently Asked Questions to support voters in navigating the 2024 Presidential Preference Primary:


Frequently Asked Questions


Who can vote in Nevada’s Presidential Preference Primary?

Only voters who are registered in the Democratic or Republican parties are permitted to cast a ballot in Nevada’s 2024 Presidential Preference Primary. As in any election in Nevada, voters may change their party affiliation at any time, including at the polling place when they arrive to vote, or online at


Why are candidates who are running for president not on the Nevada ballot?

The only candidates on Nevada’s Presidential Preference Primary ballot are those who filed with the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office to run for president in this election. If a candidate did not file with the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office to run in this election, then that candidate’s name cannot appear on the ballot.


Of note, only candidates who have chosen not to participate in the Republican sponsored Caucus being held on February 8, 2024 are listed on the Presidential Preference Primary ballot.


The Clerk/Treasurer’s Office does not have a role in political parties’ policies, rules, or decisions. Citizens should contact the political parties directly with any questions about caucuses or the role of this presidential primary election in their nominating process at:


Nevada Democratic Party – website and phone number (702) 737-8683

Nevada Republican Party – website and phone number (702) 586-2000


Why are there candidates on the ballot who are no longer running for president?

If a candidate on the ballot did not formally withdraw from the race before the withdrawal deadline (Oct. 25, 2023), their name remains on the ballot. These are requirements under Nevada law (NRS 298.600-720).


What happens with other presidential candidates who are not Republican or Democrat?

Qualified non-major party candidates will go directly to the General Election ballot. (This is a process that is overseen by the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office.)


For additional information, visit the Elections page of the Lyon County website and the 2024 Election Information page of the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office website.