June 12, 2024

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LCSO Message of the Week 01.05.2023 : Sheriff Pope’s Annual Report for 2023

Message of the Week 01/05/2024

With this message of the week, I would like to present our 2023 annual report. I have taken the document and turned it into 53 separate images, you can view each page as a photograph and scroll through the report quite easily.

Throughout this report, you will see the hard work and dedication of the employees of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, and just how hard they worked throughout 2023.

Statistically, 2023 was very impressive, especially in comparison to 2022. We hope to improve on our 2023 numbers in 2024, and will continue to deliver professional law enforcement service to the communities within Lyon County.

For quick reference please note the significant reduction in response times on page 32, and extreme increase in traffic stops on page 33 / 34. Two areas of the County experienced a 100% increase in traffic stops. On page 48, you will see we have increased our average daily jail population from 68 in 2022, to 91 in 2023, we are arresting more people in 2023.

Thank you to the communities for your continual support of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, together we are building a true partnership to make Lyon County a safer place to live.


Sheriff Brad

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