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Care Flight's fixed-wing aircraft.

Care Flight’s Fixed-Wing Program will return to service Sunday, December 31, 2023

RENO, Nev. (Dec. 29, 2023) – Care Flight-REMSA Health paused service of the Care Flight fixed-wing aircraft program following the medical transport plane crash that occurred Friday, Feb. 24, 2023 outside of Stagecoach, Nevada. With tremendous support from the community, the entire Care Flight-REMSA Health team continues to navigate the loss of the five lives onboard.


Care Flight-REMSA Health leadership, along with its board of directors, have completed an extensive review to determine the need for a fixed-wing program. In a commitment to providing the highest levels of medical care transport to our community, the organization is reinstating Care Flight’s fixed-wing program with a return to service on Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023. Guardian Flight will continue as the contracted aviation vendor for the Care Flight fixed-wing program. Guardian Flight will continue to be responsible for aircraft maintenance, pilot training and pilot staffing.


The fixed-wing program provides critical care transports to patients across a service area that spans 11 states in the western U.S. Care Flight crews have participated in refamiliarization training specific to the fixed-wing program. In addition, Care Flight has provided and encouraged crews to participate in comfort flights on the replacement aircraft. These dedicated, non-transport flights allow crew members to re-engage with the aircraft and ensure professional and emotional readiness for the return of service.


Care Flight’s rotor wing aircrafts have continued to provide critical care service since March 6, 2023 after a pause in operations following the accident. All REMSA Health ground ambulance services have continuously been in operation. Care Flight-REMSA Health appreciates neighboring agencies’ assistance in providing critical care transport across its service area during the pause of its fixed-wing service.

About REMSA Health and Care Flight

REMSA Health is a private, non-profit community organization which provides a full range of innovative healthcare services outside of the hospital setting. We are funded only by user fees, with no local tax subsidies. REMSA Health provides Washoe County’s 420,000+ residents with 24/7 ambulance services. Care Flight, a service of REMSA Health, provides critical care transport services via ground and air ambulance across the western United States. REMSA Health includes an internationally accredited Regional Emergency Communications Center, a Nevada-licensed Center for Integrated Health and Community Education, an accredited Nurse Health Line, and special operations and special events teams. REMSA Health: Care. Community. Innovation. For more information, visit