March 3, 2024

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Portrait of Betty White ~ by Photojournalist Richard Massey

Betty White of Yerington, Nevada Ready to Celebrate Her 100th Birthday with Family & Friends

Yerington, Nevada 

Beautiful soon-to-be-centenarian Miss Betty White will be celebrating her 100th birthday on Friday, December 29th, 2023. Betty’s family is having a bit of a reunion, and are all going to dinner at Sherry’s Stage Stop Friday night.

Happy Birthday to Betty White on her 100th birthday, Friday, December 29th 2023.

Birthday wishes listed below Miss Betty’s portrait.

Portrait of Betty White ~ by Photojournalist Richard Massey

Birthday Wishes for Miss Betty

Don Hunter: “That’s fantastic I was just thinking that was coming real soon…Happy Birthday, Grandma Betty!”

Analee Roberts: “That’s so awesome!”

Sandy Hanson: “Happy Birthday, Beautiful!”

Karen Talhelm Freeman: “Such a sweet lady. Happy Birthday!”

Paul Silva: “My stepdad and I bumped into Betty and her family. She is just as sharp as always. Happy Birthday, Betty!”

Tami Doshier: “Our very own Betty White! How beautiful…Happy Birthday, Betty!”

Lisa Farmer Faris: “Happy Birthday, Betty White!”

Richard Massey: “Happy Birthday, Betty. Your beautiful smile can light up any room.”

Arlene Woodard: “Happy Birthday!”

Ron & Mary Jane Flaharty: “Happy Happy Birthday, Betty! May all your wishes come true.”

Kathleen Winward: “A very happy birthday!”

Janice Hester: “Betty has been my mother-in-law for almost 60 years! She is a wonderful person and I love her very much. Happy Birthday, Mom.” (We are having a open house on Friday from 11 to 2 at her house. I hope you can make it. Anyone can stop by and wish her a happy birthday.)

Ronnie Rowley: “Happy Birthday!”

Cassandra Beck : “Grandma Betty has been an AMAZING blessing in my life. Her son, Terry, was, and will always be, 1 of my favorite people. Happy Birthday Miss Betty. I love you so much.”

Lynn Stickland: “Happy birthday Mom!”

Ashley Hester: “Happy birthday, Great Grandma you look great. I love and miss you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.”

Debra Waters: “Happy Birthday!”

Terri Ogden: “Betty is such a sweetheart.”     Heidi Dini: “She is!!”

Ronda Backman Berg: “Happy Birthday!”

Marcella Rawley: “Happy Birthday, beautiful Betty!”