May 29, 2024

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4th Annual Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation Wine & Whiskey Walk was “Huge Success”

Yerington, Nevada on Saturday, September 30th, 2023

From the Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation: “The 4th annual Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation wine and whiskey walk was a huge success. Even the rain couldn’t stop us!

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather to come out and support us! We had over 125 walkers… our biggest one to date! And there were some totally rad 80’s outfits!

And thank you to all of our business who participated as stops for all our walkers yesterday. We truly couldn’t do it without you!

Until next year…thank you all for your continued support of the Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation and for helping keep Josh’s memory alive!

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From the Josh Farler Foundation:

“Josh was born July 27, 1985 and lived in Bakersfield California until his parents moved to Yerington, Nevada. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in July, 2004 at the age of 19. He had surgery but it had spread so rapidly through-out his body and he had to have several rounds of Chemo.

He travelled from Yerington to the cancer hospital at University of California, Los Angeles for each treatment. His parents were with him the whole time and had to pay for travel, housing, and food out of their own pocket. Josh was in a catch 22 situation. He had enrolled in college and moved into the dorm but had not attended any classes as school had not started, when he was diagnosed. He went home to have the first surgery, then to Los Angeles for a second along with all of the Chemo treatments. His insurance would not pay for any of his medical bills because he was not in school! His parents eventually obtained a private, very expensive, insurance which covered some of the costs but still left them with a tremendous financial burden.

This is the situation that a lot of people find themselves in when loved ones are hospitalized for treatment. It can get very expensive to live in motels and eat in restaurants for long periods of time. Most of the time family members stayed in the room with Josh, which can be exhausting. He and his family made this trip numerous times in the following year and a half… Josh lost his long and hard fought battle with cancer on December 26th, 2005. We will forever miss him.”