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Lyon County Sheriff Pope’s : Message of the Week 07/28/2023

Message of the Week 07/28/2023

Sheriff’s Office Personnel are still recovering from the long, hot weekend of working Night in the Country in Yerington. From the Sheriff’s Office point of view the event went well, and was relatively calm. There were calls for service, and law enforcement actions taken on several occasions. I will issue a complete and detailed after action report on the 08/04/2023 message of the week.

Crime reduction in our County is the top priority of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is willing to use any legal resource or tool to make our County a safer place to live and raise our families. That being said we are launching a new social media event to release information to the community. On Mondays, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office will be posting the mug shots of those arrested from the previous week, on a Sunday-Sunday timeline. We are looking to launch this event on Monday, July 31st. Technical issues may push it out to Monday, August 7th.

Why post mug shots?

“Mug shots give notice to law enforcement in the region of what a recently captured offender looks like. Regardless of race or gender, it may fit the description of an otherwise unknown suspect in a crime an investigator chronicled or investigated.

Mug shots are valuable tools to inform the public of a probable offender who has been arrested. The mug shot release may stimulate someone’s memory to recall the individual as a perpetrator of another crime or at least serve as a lead to another crime.

Victims are often known to take a path of least resistance and not report a crime for several reasons, including the belief that the individual may never be caught. Seeing the offender in custody may give courage to victims to report past crimes. For chronic offenders, it removes the anonymity that otherwise allows them to repeatedly commit crimes.

Chances are these days that an offender may not remain in custody for long, and will be out free on their own recognizance or “zero bail.” Chronic offenders will often continue to commit crimes while awaiting adjudication. The mug shot may cause a potential new victim to give pause at their familiarity and prevent a new crime.”

Source: Police1

Mugshot photos and arrest information are public record. Once someone has been booked and had their mugshot taken, the arrest information becomes public domain. Since mugshots are public domain, police departments and government entities are allowed to post this info on the internet.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has been transparent and will continue to share information with the community. We hope to see as many of you as possible at the National Night Out event in Fernley on August 1st. The event is at the Out of Town Park and begins at 4:00PM.


Sheriff Brad Pope