July 12, 2024

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Engine 3 Makes Its Debut at the Yerington/Mason Valley Fire Protection District Station

Yerington, Nevada ~ On July 20th, 2023 Yerington/Mason Valley Fire Protection District announced that the new Engine 3 has arrived at the station!

On Thursday, July 27th volunteers spent the day training on operations and outfitting of Engine 3 which is a designated pumper/tender. Engine 3 has 300o gallon storage capacity and can perform the important job of regulating water pressure in the supply lines coming in and going out of the Engine. The volunteers provide the true grit.

Yerington and Mason Valley residents are fortunate to have firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and auxiliary volunteers who have traditionally volunteered through multiple family generations.

Click on a picture to enlarge and begin gallery with photos provided by Yerington/Mason Valley Fire Protection District: