February 23, 2024

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Mason Valley Miracle for Ghost and Her Family

Yerington, Nevada ~ On June 26, 2023 the Roberts Family put out a plea to the community asking for help and any information leading to their White German Shepherd that had run away because of loud thunder that day.

Since then, the Roberts Family, friends, and community members looked all over Mason Valley for Ghost, but no one saw her anywhere.

Then, 20 days after Ghost was lost…a Mason Valley miracle for Ghost and the Roberts Family:

On July 16, 2023 there was a Facebook Post on “Yerington’s lost and found animals” from T. Watford: “We saw a white shepherd today on Paschal lane in Yerington. Looks just like this one. It has been around for a week or so. This morning it went into my neighbors land going north.”

At nearly the same time on July 16, 2023 S. Alsip posted on “Yerington’s lost and found animals” : “Yellow German Shepherd limping down highway 95 towards Wabuska about a mile pass Campbell Lane. I want to say female, she kept away from me and I didn’t want to scare her into traffic.”

As soon as the Roberts Family read of the sightings they rushed to the area and were reunited with their beloved family member.  They wrote: “!!!!!After 20 days wandering the valley, REUNITED with her human family!!!!!! Thank you to the angels that led us to her today!!!!!!!”