June 18, 2024

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BI-VALLEY RPEN (Retired Public Employees of NV) 2023 UPDATE

BI-VALLEY RPEN (retired public employees of NV) 2023 UPDATE

As the New Year continues, RPEN has a mission to recruit new members
age 50+5 years vested, who are working toward protecting their retirement
while still employed. Don’t wait until you draw your retirement, join RPEN NOW!
There is strength in numbers, and it counts when RPEN lobbies at the
current Legislature that just convened on February 6, 2023. RPEN
lobbyists are Terri Laird, Kerry Armanasco, from the state office in
Carson City who will attend and post weekly information on our website.
throughout the Legislative session. RPEN Day will be March 15 at the
NV State Legislature. All current RPEN members may sign up and
attend There will be Security Screenings inside the buildings.
Our regular Bi-Valley meeting, as noted on the pizenswitchtimes calendar is
Tuesday, February 28, 9:00 A.M. at the Lions club with Special Speaker,
John Potter. Come and bring a friend.  For further information contact
June Matheus, 775-463-2143 or Rita Evasovic 775-463-3046
Kindness Rocks for our monthly raffle  painted by M.J. Bettencourt: