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775 Offroad & Recovery Non-Profit Makes Positive Impact on Northern & Central Nevada Offroad Community

Press Release

Reno, NV – 775 Offroad and Recovery, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible
offroading and providing recovery services to those in need, has made a significant impact on the offroad
community in northern and central Nevada.

The organization, which is run entirely by volunteers, has been instrumental in promoting safe and responsible
offroading practices through education and community outreach. They also provide recovery services to those
who find themselves stuck or stranded while offroading, ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable

In addition to their work within the offroad community, 775 Offroad and Recovery is also a proud partner of
the Fox Trail Trust, an organization that works to protect and preserve offroad trails for future generations.
Together, they have been able to make a real difference in the way offroading is viewed and practiced in
northern and central Nevada.

Furthermore, 775 Offroad and Recovery is actively engaged in community outreach projects such as
protecting public lands and community events. These events not only promote responsible offroading but also
serve to educate the public about the importance of protecting and preserving our offroad trails and lands.

“We are thrilled to be able to make such a positive impact on the offroad community in northern and central
Nevada,” said Joseph Pickett, president of 775 Offroad and Recovery. “Our partnership with the Fox Trail Trust
and our community outreach projects have been invaluable in allowing us to achieve our mission of promoting
responsible offroading and providing recovery services to those in need.”

With Fox Factory’s Trail Trust funding, 775 OFR has purchased recovery gear, contributed to trail clean-up
efforts, established a long-distance recovery program, and community outreach efforts. Some of their
outreach activities specifically target women and families in hopes of expanding access to offroad recreation
for underrepresented groups. They’re also sending their volunteer members to International 4-Wheel Drive
Trainers Association’s training to become the first certified trainers in Nevada. This training will provide the
tools to help develop a standard curriculum and allow their members to better communicate their expert
knowledge during their outreach programs.

If you’re interested in learning more about 775 Offroad and Recovery and their work within the offroad
community, check out the recent article on the Fox Trail Trust website:
For more information about 775 Offroad and Recovery and how you can get involved, please visit their
website at https://www.775OFR.com or contact the Volunteer Coordinator at inquiries@775ofr.com.


Press Release Contact:
John Fansler
Public Information Officer
775 Offroad and Recovery

Pizen Switch Times added the following photos & comments from Jon Turner and comment from Rita Heidkamp, from Facebook:

01/29/2023 ~ Sunday Morning ~ Jon Turner wrote:
For folks thinking that NF-463 is a viable route around the 208 Wilson Canyon closure – just don’t. Please.
775 Offroad & Recovery volunteers have spent the past few days getting these folks out…

(NF = National Forest 463…it starts off of Hudson-Aurora in Smith Valley and travels east toward Pine Grove…crazy route meant for 4X4s in DRY weather!)

Update 01/29/2023 ~ Sunday Late Afternoon ~ Rita Heidkamp of 775 Offroad Recovery wrote: This recovery took 6 vehicles to overcome the weight of the 15-20,000lb box truck. We had 3 vehicles with winches and each of those rigs was anchored to a larger rig. As you can see we threw a strap all the way around the box to help steady it. It was amazing to watch the teamwork! This is definitely one for the books! (Back on pavement.)