July 12, 2024

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A Falcon Eye’s View of Nevada Vistas ~ Courtesy of Nick Agorastos of Lyon County NV

As you drive West on Highway 50 through Mark Twain, Sutro, and on to Dayton, have you seen the colorful canopy of the paramotor flown by a local pilot named Mike?!

Nick Agorastos began FALCONSEYE Aerial Solutions before he retired from East Fork Fire (Douglas County, Nevada territory) as a fire Captain two years ago. Nick  started his career as a military firefighter, spent ten years as a volunteer firefighter with East Fork then retired as a Fire Captain and Paramedic after 25 years on the career staff there.

The paramotor footage is just a sample of Nevada vistas that Falconseye has captured since then.  Nick wrote, “This flight of the paramotor was closely coordinated with the manned aircraft and Falconseye Aerial Solutions. This video was filmed in Dayton, Nevada using a Phantom P4 Pro V2 and the DJI FPV drone…”

Falconseye recently purchased a specialized SAR Search and Rescue drone that Nick hopes to put into service to assist in searches with Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, etcetera. He is waiting for loudspeaker and spotlight attachments to enhance drone usage, footage and acuity.

This next video footage is from the Borda Ranch Annual Sheep Drive through Dayton, Nevada that took place on May 29th, 2022. In the time-honored tradition of Basque sheepherding, the Borda Ranch Sheep Drive was captured with modern technology to offer a true Falcon Eye’s View.

FalconsEye Aerial Solutions, LLC: “A tradition in Dayton, Nevada is the annual sheep drive down through main street crossing highway 50 and the Dayton Bridge on their drive up to the Pinenut Mountain Range. This was the 2022 drive and an overhead view of the amazing dog working the sheep.” (Music Credit: Of Monsters and Men. Song: Dirty Paws)

Just today, Falconseye  released Falconseye Aerial Solutions Showreel 2022 highlighting Nevada’s Tahoe waters; Reno high-rises; Desert Sage mountain bike trails; Reservoir recreation; Mustangs traversing volcanic hills; the Truckee River Water Park; Workers in motion; Paramotor Pilot Mike on the Carson River;  the Borda Flock, shepherds, and sheep dogs;  fields of windmills; Downtown Carson; and more…

Nick Agorastos wrote: “These are just a small number of projects that Falconseye Aerial Solutions has worked on. Our number one goal is safety when working on any project. Each of our client projects are unique and we stand by our commitment to deliver a final product that both please our clients and those that may be watching. Falconseye is a retired firefighter and veteran owned business that captures Aerial and Terrestrial photography and videography. Please visit falconseye.com to see a complete list of our services offered. This year we added mapping and SAR operations…”