February 27, 2024

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Day 1 of the 2022 Remembrance Run Hosted by Kutoven Stevens: Every Child Matters

“For those who ran ~ those who survived ~ and those who did not make it home…”

August 12th, 2022 Yerington Paiute Tribe  YPT allowed Remembrance Run 2022 participants to camp at the Bernie Giron Park on Campbell Ranch the night before the 2 day Remembrance Run began.

The YPT Parent Education Committee prepared and served dinner for participants on the eve of the journey.


Saturday August 13th, 2022:

Day 1 of the Remembrance Run ~ after a community breakfast provided by Kutoven Stevens and his family at 5am with a traditional Native American blessing offered by Delmar Stevens, the journey across the desert landscape began: 50 miles in 2 days with 5 mile rest stops, and a camp out on Sunrise Pass at the 25 mile mark.

At the 5 mile rest stops, the travellers regrouped, rested, hydrated and snacked. Misty Stevens wrote, “No one will be left behind; we have allotted an hour at each stop to give runners generous recovery time and walkers plenty of time to arrive.”

This is the photogallery of Rest Stop # 2: 10 miles into the journey to remember 8 year old Frank “Togo” Quinn (Kutoven’s great-grandfather) and all of the other Native American children who desperately wanted to be home with the families they were separated from.

“For those who ran ~ those who survived ~ and those who did not make it home…”