February 23, 2024

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Veteran Firefighters with Youngest Bagpiper Victoria,10

Volunteer 1st Responders Help Citizens in Times of Need: Be a Part of the Team, Make a Real Difference

“Volunteer first responders help their fellow citizens in times of need. Volunteers enjoy a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and pride in the work they do. You’d learn new skills, make new friends, be a part of a team, give back to the community, and make a real difference.”

At the Yerington/Mason Valley Fire Protection District, seasoned veterans train & certify each new volunteer in the area they would like to serve: all aspects of fire fighting, operating the engine, support operations/auxiliary, scene safety, equipment testing & maintenance, instruction, emergency medical services, ambulance attendants, communications, internet technology & social media, event planning & implementing, incident command, chef/food preparation duties, bagpipes & drums corps, etc.

Volunteers receive extensive training & support before they are “put on the front lines”. Some volunteers go on to become professional fire fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, and paramedics after getting experience and priceless education & training.


Call 775-463-2261 or stop by 118 S Main Street in Yerington. Get answers to your questions and start making time for your community!

The following gallery of photos was taken during the April 28th monthly dinner meeting at the fire station. Veteran fire fighter Dennis Compston invited Pizen Switch Times owners Jim & Leah Wilkinson to attend: