June 18, 2024

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Lyon County’s Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST): Responding to Emergent Behavioral Health Challenges

Meet the Lyon County MOST Team: Lu, Deputy Shaffer, Winona, and Heather:

Lyon County Human Services wrote:

“In honor and support of Mental Health Awareness Month

A Local Resource to Know:

Lyon County’s Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST) is a local community behavioral health response program designed to connect with community members who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis in Lyon County. The goal of MOST is to help the person experiencing a crisis get connected with local services and programs to reduce or eliminate the crisis.

MOST is comprised of skilled trained professionals; a Case Manager, Behavioral Health Peace Officer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a Program Coordinator. MOST collaborates with local and surrounding dedicated service providers.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a behavioral health crisis (mental health, substance use, or unknown) please call non-emergency dispatch 775-463-6620 to make a MOST referral.

To learn more about MOST, please call Heather Benson, MOST Program Coordinator at 775-577-5009, ext. 3302.

On behalf of Lyon County MOST, thank you for allowing our team to serve Lyon County (Fernley, Yerington, Smith Valley, Silver Springs, Stagecoach, Dayton, Mound House, Silver City), it’s an honor and a pleasure.

In regard to May being Mental Health Awareness Month…Your health and wellbeing matters; YOU matter.”