February 27, 2024

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Leavitt Building and Masonic Hall

On Friday June 11th, 2021 as I was walking into Dini’s Lucky Club at 7am to meet my brother and niece for a bacon & egg special, I noticed for the 1st time a plaque on the front exterior entrance. It reads:

Leavitt Building and Masonic Hall, known now as Dini’s Lucky Club..

“Leavitt Building and Masonic Hall: Built in 1893 by Dr. Granville I. Leavitt, a local doctor and Indian Reservation doctor. The upstairs was used as the Masonic Lodge Meeting Hall. Downstairs was the Kash and Karry Unified Grocery until the late 1950’s. The Hall was used by Hope Lodge #22  F. & A.M. until 1940’s. The building was designed to be fireproof, had iron doors, roof and window coverings. In 1897 there was a threat of an Indian uprising and the building was used as a temporary fort for three days until a peace treaty could be drawn up. ~Dedicated this 30th Day of July 1994 by the Snowshoe Thompson Chapter #1827, E Clamus Vitus.”