June 12, 2024

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Early Bird Farmer's Market: Every Thursday 8am-1pm.

Giorgi’s Early Bird Farmers Market

Early Bird Farmer’s Market: Every Thursday 8am-1pm.

Michael and Melissa Giorgi are local farmers who have organized Yerington’s Early Bird Farmers Market. Today was the 1st of many Thursdays to come,  located  on the north side of Dini’s Lucky Club.

Thursdays June 10th through October 7th, 2021.

“Join us for a morning in the sunshine” for fresh fruits & vegetables,  eggs, live music, handmade candles & soap, beautiful art & jewelry, coffee & bread…

Today at noon, it was a pleasant, bright  72 degrees.

Blair Family Farm Fresh Eggs, and a friendly smile.
Live music anyone?! Compliments of Jakota Wass & Friends.
Young Farmer Friends.

Young Farmer Friends: “Why are birds important to agriculture” Birds eat insects. They are a natural way to control pests in gardens on farms, and other places. Birds are indicators of a healthy functioning ecosystem, providing benefits such as pollination and seed distribution.”

“Make a bird feeder! Please help yourself in making a peanut butter bird feeder to take home. Remember! Don’t feed birds bread, chips, or chocolate.”

Helping Hands for Seniors.
Tillie’s Pickled Garlic, Olives, Hot Sauce… Free samples?!

And then there was Sagebrushvalley Crafts:

Sagebrushvalley Crafts.
Specialty Snackers.
Sparkly, eye-catching jewelry.
Mouthwatering fresh produce.

Michael and Melissa can be contacted at 775/399-1539 or earlybirdfarmersmarket@gmail.com