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RPEN to Meet on Tuesday 10.24.2023 8:30am at the Yerington Lions Club Building

The Bi-Valley RPEN (Retired Public Employees of NV) elected new officers in September: President Rita Evasovic, Vice President Dawna Warr,  Treasurer Karen Merfeld Dini, Secretary, Nancy Pursel & Publicity June Matheus.
The regular October meeting will be at new time: 8:30 A.M. on Tuesday 10/24/23 at the Lions Club building.
The program will be: Breast Cancer Awareness, by Dawna Warr.
Members are encouraged to bring any new retirees for available information regarding their PERS retirement and the PEBP Health Insurance. Meetings are both social and educational.
Next Bi-Valley meeting dates are: November 28, after Thanksgiving
and December 12, Christmas Potluck.

For further information, contact  President Rita Evasovic @ 775-463-2143, or Vice President Dawna Warr @ 775-684-9089.

The event is finished.


Oct 24 2023


8:30 am



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