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Herbal Class Walk: Pine Needle & Sap Class by Bridgette Dolgoff on December 30, 2023

Instructor Bridgette Dolgoff has scheduled an Herbal Class Walk: Pine Needles & Sap for Saturday, December 30,2023 from 12:15pm to 4pm in the Sweet Water/Smith Valley area.

Bridgette wrote: “We will walk on a trail, discuss, collect, and more.

Cost is $90/person.

For more information email bridgenit@gmail.com or call 775-624-7862.

“Things you may need:

Hat, gloves for sticky sap, might be cold or rainy dress appropriate, wax paper, collection container, primers, water, snack, hiking shoes and?? Backpack, herbal bucket? Pad and pens.
If you know anyone who wants to attend class they can pay at church before going up and if you have not paid you can pay then. You may forward this email to those who may be interested would like to have a least five more people. $90 per person.
We will meet at 12.15 at the church on corner of 338 which goes to Sweet Water and the 208 Smith Valley/Wellington.
We will go up to Sweet Water in caravan to trail head, plenty of parking. Remember we could walk in up to a mile and half. Easy walking trail.
Class, I hope will be over before 4. We will get to cars by 4 at the latest.
Looking forward to it.

The event is finished.


Dec 30 2023


12:15 pm - 4:00 pm



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