May 29, 2024

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Lyon County Sheriff Pope’s Message of the Week: April 19, 2024

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office – Nevada:

Message of the Week 04/19/2024

National Telecommunicators Week is not nearly long enough to honor the men and women that are employed as emergency dispatchers throughout our Country. The emergency dispatchers of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office are extremely dedicated, hardworking and committed to providing the best service possible to our community.

Dispatching police, fire and medical services is emotionally taxing, and only resilient men and women can perform their duties day in and day out. Dispatchers, our first, first-responders, are the first person to assess dangerous, and life threatening situations and get the caller, help as fast as possible.

Our dispatchers often have to talk people through some tense and emotional moments. Despite panic, fear, and emotion coming through the lines, our dispatchers remain calm even in the direst of situations. The constant exposure to the fear and crisis of others is distressing, and taxing, our dispatchers remain professional in the midst of it all.

Emergencies don’t only happen from 9 to 5, our dispatch center is manned 24/7. If you know anyone who is a dispatcher, chances are that they’re getting home from their shift as you’re brewing your morning coffee. Just like police officers, firefighters, ER nurses and doctors, dispatchers routinely stay up all night to answer emergency calls.

In 2023, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received 36,778 calls for law enforcement service, and another 15,000 calls for fire service! Of those 36,778 calls for service, 4001 of those calls were 911 calls! Here is a breakdown of calls for service (law enforcement) by area:
  • Fernley: 13,611
  • Dayton: 12,168
  • Silver Springs / Stagecoach: 6,445
  • Mason Valley / Smith Valley: 4,240


In closing, I want to thank every dispatcher across the country that serves their respective communities with pride, dignity and honor. I would like to especially recognize the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Dispatchers, as their work ethic, commitment and dedication to this County are unsurpassed. Keep up the excellent work!

Sheriff Brad Pope