June 12, 2024

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12.8.2017 Cody Villalobos: "Just finished speaking at my old high school, in Yerington NV...We proved that coming together as a family beats anything... Thanks for having me YHS, now lets go crush life."

Cody Villalobos Nominated for CMT: Director of Collaborative Video of the Year

Cody Villalobos was nominated for CMT (Country Music Television) Collaborative Video of the Year Award as a Director for You, Me, and Whiskey with Justin Moore & Priscilla Block!

Cody Villalobos 2019 , photo by Sierra Wright.

On Wednesday, March 13th, 2024,  Cody Villalobos announced: “Long, but please read – Well, it finally happened. My first ever video award nomination as a director. I know it’s definitely more thanks to the two great artists than the video itself, but still awesome to come where I’m from… it still means a lot to that small town kid from Yerington Nevada that came from nothing.. and I know it means a lot to my family and friends back home to have their home team represented, and that makes me more proud than anything.

“I opted to waive my director pay on this video, to put back into the budget in hopes just for a nomination, so I’m glad it paid off… Most award shows aren’t what you think, but at least this one is fan voted!

“So from now until April 1st you can enter 10 votes EVERY day but today and tomorrow allows 20 votes. So if you could take a second to vote and share, let’s get Nevada to back this and help us out! Hit the link to vote, every day! It’s under the collaborative video of the year category, Justin Moore & Priscilla Block – You, Me, And Whiskey.”

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