July 12, 2024

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Joey Loehner, CEO of Battle Born Medevac, with Yerington/Mason Valley Fire Protection District Chief Scott Draper at RPEN Presentation on 2/27/2024 at Yerington Lions Clubhouse.

Battle Born Medevac Helicopter & Crew Set for Mason Valley NV-based Service after March 15th, 2024

Yerington, Nevada ~ The Yerington Lions Clubhouse was packed this morning with members of RPEN (Retired -and current- Public Employees of Nevada) for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Guest speaker Joey Loehner, Chief Executive Officer of Battle Born Medevac (ruralmedevac.com RMA for Rural Medevac Alliance) was introduced by Yerington/Mason Valley Fire Protection District Chief Scott Draper.

CEO Loehner announced that after 2 years of planning with the collaboration of the Yerington/Mason Valley Fire Protection District (Y/MVFPD); South Lyon Medical Center (SLMC); City of Yerington; Lyon County Sheriff’s Office; and Lyon County Managers & Commissioners: Battle Born Medevac plans to be in service after March 15, 2024.


There will be a Battle Born Medevac helicopter based at the heli-pad at SLMC staffed 24/7 with a pilot, flight nurse and flight paramedic. Each crew will work for 96 hours (4 days) with 12 days off.

Any medical emergencies will continue to be handled through Lyon County Dispatch and Y/MVFPD with Battle Born Medevac (on standby for medical calls that meet level of care needs).

CEO Joey Loehner reported that there may be times that the Battle Born Medevac Flight Nurse and/or Paramedic may be able to assist existing physicians in the SLMC ER with emergencies as requested.

Battle Born Medevac is leasing a home adjacent to SLMC for immediate access to it’s helicopter, with plans to be “in the air” within 8 to 10 minutes of a call. The Business Office will be located at the old Yerington City Hall adjacent to the Y/MVFPD Firehouse. Resident memberships will be available.

Loehner pointed out that many of Nevada’s rural and frontier communities do not have hospitals. Battle Born Medevac will continue to collaborate with SLMC Administrator Toni Inserra and the Hospital Trustees to bring local residents access to progressive emergency medical care.


Battle Born Medevac will be the closest flight option for Mason & Smith Valleys, Mineral County, Silver Springs, etc. with cooperative service continuing from Care Flight and other agencies.

Battle Born Medevac’s internet web address is: https://www.ruralmedevac.com/about