April 19, 2024

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John Dibble with his wife, Deborah.

John K. Dibble Inducted into NIAA Hall of Fame’s 30th, Class of 2024

JOHN DIBBLE’s outstanding leadership qualities were on display constantly as a coach,
athletic administrator and contributor for five decades. Dibble served as a teacher, four sport coach, athletic director and state representative at Yerington High School from 1971-2000. He headed the athletic department for Rite of Passage from 2000-2020.

Dibble won multiple state titles as a coach (track & field), directed countless region championship tournaments/meets in many different sports, and served on high level NIAA committees as a league president.

Dibble helped to lead the Nevada Athletic Directors Association in various capacities for two decades, and was bestowed with elite National Federation awards for service over the course of his career.