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LCSO Sheriff Pope’s Message of the Week ~ December 15th, 2023

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has received nearly the same amount of applications for Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permits as last year. In 2022 the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office received 1,070 applications. Year to date in 2023 we are slightly over 1,100 applications. Over the next year the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office will be looking for ways to increase the amount of CCW holders in Lyon County.

Currently there are 6,385 CCW holders in Lyon County (Approximately 10% of the population).

Percentage of the population that have a CCW in surrounding states, and Nevada:
  • California: 0.31%
  • Utah: 21%
  • Idaho: 8%
  • Arizona: 3%
  • Nevada 4.8%
The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has changed its policy on our CCW renewal process. The change of policy reads as follows:
In a continuing effort to better serve and protect the Citizens of Lyon County, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has recently reviewed and updated our Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) application and renewal process. Beginning December 13th, 2023, all CCW renewal deadlines will be extended from 120 days, to 364 days. The fee of $65.25 will remain the same.

The new timeline for the renewal of the CCW will now be 364 days. Any renewal occurring after 364 days of expiration will require the same process as a new CCW application.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office processes CCW applications in a timely manner. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office averages less than 80 days on the completion of the CCW application. The slowest part of the CCW process is the return of the Federal background check. It is a requirement for the CCW process and takes the most amount of time to be returned.

Have a good weekend, stay safe out there!

Sheriff Brad Pope