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Sheriff Pope’s Message of the Week: November 24th, 2023

Message of the Week 11/24/2023 from Lyon County Sheriff Brad Pope

In typical Thanksgiving fashion, the Detroit Lions held on to the deep tradition of losing on Thanksgiving. I apologize to any Lions fans, but everyone expected more! (37-45-2 on Thanksgiving)

The Christmas season is upon us, during this season it is not uncommon for packages to go missing from your porch! The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office responds to calls for service every year as the Grinches known as “porch pirates” steal from our community.

Here are ways that you can reduce the opportunity for the Grinches to steal your packages:

Track Packages

Most shippers, including Amazon, FedEx and UPS, give you the option to electronically track a package on its journey to your home. Real-time alerts can help you arrange for someone to pick up the package right after delivery and sometimes even let you opt to have it delivered later if needed.

Require a Signature for Delivery

Another way to thwart porch pirates is to ask that someone sign for a package when it’s delivered, such as a person at your home or a next-door neighbor. Requiring a signature for delivery means that the carrier won’t just drop it on your porch. They’ll need to hand it to someone, so if you aren’t there when they attempt to deliver, they’ll try again.

Use a Package Locker
Rather than having a package left on your porch, consider using a package locker. Amazon, for instance, operates self-service lockers at locations throughout the U.S. When your package arrives at an Amazon locker, the company will send you a delivery confirmation email with instructions on how to pick it up. Amazon gives you three calendar days to fetch the package; if you don’t collect the package before the deadline, Amazon keeps the package and issues a refund.

Amazon doesn’t charge extra for orders to be delivered to one of its lockers. To take advantage of this option, a customer must pick a locker location as a delivery address during the checkout process. An alternative is buying a package locker and setting it up at your home.

Have Packages Delivered When You’ll Be Home

Try to schedule deliveries for times when you’re normally at home, such as on the weekends. As an alternative, have packages shipped to your office instead of your home. Amazon even lets you provide secure access to your garage so that packages can be kept out of public view.

Pick Hiding Places for Packages

If possible, ask delivery drivers to put packages behind a plant, a piece of furniture or another item on your porch so they’re not easy prey for porch pirates.

Consider In-Store Pickup

If you’re worried about a delivered package being taken from your home, consider placing an order online and picking it up at the retailer’s store rather than shipping it to your home. Some retailers even offer pickup via lockers so you don’t have to wait in line at customer service to get your order.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Keeping trusted neighbors in the loop about anticipated package deliveries so they can be on the lookout for packages if you’re not around. Also, inform your neighbors if you do become a victim of package theft.

Put Security Measures in Place

One of the most widely suggested anti-theft moves is the installation of doorbell video cameras and other security equipment. A doorbell video camera might deter a would-be thief or can capture sharable footage in case a porch pirate successfully steals a package.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office will be taking a proactive stance to try and capture and dissuade porch pirates from stealing from our community. As a Community we must remain vigilant and do what we can to prevent, solve and prosecute crimes. Please stay safe during this Christmas Season, and now that Thanksgiving is over it’s officially time to decorate for Christmas!

Sheriff Brad Pope