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Sheriff Brad Pope’s Message of the Week ~ November 17, 2023

Message of the Week 11/17/2023

Thanksgiving is next week, as we approach Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for one another and for our great communities that make up Lyon County. Many will be away from their families on Thanksgiving as they work to keep our County, Country and World a safer place. Please keep those working to protect us in your thoughts and prayers.

Complaints from Citizens regarding traffic issues is the number one complaint that comes across my desk. The Sheriff’s Traffic Enforcement Team (STET) has been operating throughout the County regularly now, and has been able to address several citizen complaints. The traffic complaints are prioritized and a responded to accordingly.

Numerous complaints were received from a stretch of roadway in Wellington, where businesses and residences line the road. STET conducted a two day operation in Wellington and produced the following statistics:
STET operation, 11/10/2023:
  • 15 traffic stops were conducted.
  • 15 Speed
  • 1 Stop sign
  • 1 Minor in possession
  • 2 Speed
  • 1 Registration
  • 1 DL violation
  • 2 No proof of insurance
STET operation, 11/11/2023:
  • 12 traffic stops were conducted.
  • 11 Speed
  • 1 Fail to dim high beams

In traveling between the STET Sergeant’s regular patrol area and Wellington, small operation were also conducted on the Ramsey Weeks Cutoff, which resulted in citations issued as well.

STET’s next target is residential areas in Lyon County, namely the Dayton area. It is also important to note that STET will return to areas that generate complaints.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office also working with Nevada Highway Patrol and the Office of Traffic Safety to increase traffic enforcement throughout the region. Our OTS Office of Traffic Safety Sergeant proactively sets dates and conducts “traffic events” in coordination with Nevada Highway Patrol. These events make a significant difference on our roadways.

Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday of the year, please be safe on our roadways!


Sheriff Brad Pope