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Trunk or Treat 2023 ~ October 26 at Yerington City Hall & Parking Lot

Lori Phillips has been working on and organizing the City of Yerington’s 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat since June! On the day of the event, Thursday, October 26th, Lori wrote, “Today was our big Trunk or Treat event at work! We definitely had more people this time, and everyone had a fantastic time!”

“Thanks to Stacey Larsen and her grand daughter, Laila, Michele Larson, Felicitee’ Dennis, Robert and Catherine Reyes, and Tommy Gutierrez. All the help I got from this crew was amazing, I could not have gotten through this day without you!” (A comprehensive list will be added next week.)

Trunk or Treat vendors fortunate to win at the free raffle  (2: 4 packs of Reno Aces admission tickets) were the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley’s Keystone Club teens and Pizen Switch Times’ Jim & Leah Wilkinson. Thank you to the Reno Aces Franchise!

An estimated 700 children, plus parents, extended family & friends, and candy sponsors attended the wildly successful  Trunk or Treat. With this year’s event being the 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat, the attendance grew significantly as did the number of vendors (40: private citizens, non-profit agencies & business sponsors), with the addition of a 4-H Animal Petting Booth. The Party Patrol family from Fallon volunteered their time to travel to Yerington to provide upbeat Halloween tunes for City Hall’s Trunk or Treat.

After attending City of Yerington’s Trunk or Treat, Halloween revelers paraded south on Main Street to attend parties at the E.L. Wiegand Early Learning Center and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley. The Yerington Community choreographed a string of fun, safe Halloween activities for its children, followed by a day off from school to recover from sugar hangovers and to celebrate Nevada Day.

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10.30.2023 Lori Phillips with the City of Yerington wrote:


This year’s Trunk or Treat event at the City of Yerington was a HUGE success! We had about 40 trunks/tables for the kids to trick or treat. *see complete list below Last year we had only 32 total, so great job Yerington for stepping it up for our local children. I love the idea of giving families a safe place for their children to trick or treat.

“I would like to personally thank the crew here at City Hall for all their hard work helping to put this on. I would not have been able to do this if not for them. Thank you to all the crew at Public Works for helping set up as well. Thank you to the Yerington Police Department for setting up their pop up tent and passing out those new trick or treat bags. And of course, a HUGE shout out to all the “Official Candy Vendors” that came out to make this such a special event!

“If you haven’t already seen it, go check out the Pizen Switch Times on Facebook. Leah Wilkinson wrote an amazing little article with some fantastic pictures!

“Thank you also to everyone that donated candy for our event as well.

“This year’s addition of the Party Patrol DJ seemed to be a HUGE hit with everyone! These amazing people drove out from Fallon to donate their time and equipment to help keep the ‘party going’!

“I was also able to get a few donations from the Reno ACES Ball Club. These 4 packs of infield reserve tickets were raffled off to the vendors and the general public that attended the event. (Winners are posted below.) Thank you, Gabriela with Reno ACES for making this year’s event that much more exciting!

“We had approximately 700 people attend this year and we are hoping to just keep growing every year. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve on our event, I would love to hear them.

“You can contact me at or call me at 775-463-3511 ext 103.

“Thank you Yerington for coming and we cannot wait to see you next year!

‘Candy Vendor’ raffle winners:
  • Boys & Girls Club – Keystone Club
  • Pizen Switch Times
Public raffle winners:
  • Linda Wilson
  • Sue Dane
  • Barbara Cazares Hernandez
  • Felecia Rosenberger
“Please contact me at 775-463-3511 extension 103 to claim your prize.”