May 29, 2024

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Hand-Painted Signs by Nathan Koop: Creating Local Graphic Art that is Easy on the Eyes

Mason Valley, Nevada

Last week local craftsman and artisan, Nathan Koop, placed a hand-lettered sign along the road and river that run through renowned Wilson Canyon between Smith and Mason Valleys.

Per Nathan Koop, “I made a sign for a spot that could use it…a spot where I spent quite a lot of time with my kids and wife. I plan on doing these whenever I can because there’s no pressure and I can do it in my own style. I hope everyone who visits appreciates the beauty of Wilson Canyon.”


Earlier this month, City of Yerington Public Works recognized Nathan Koop in an announcement: “We have spent years looking for a sign painter who was also not afraid of heights… One day David Smith (Animal Control Officer) calls and reports he met Nathan Koop while he was painting the fantastic mural across from Ace Hardware on the corner of Bridge and West. I drove right over and watched him work. My first question was: “Are you afraid of heights?” As you can see from this video, he is not!”

“Nathan is repainting the lettering on Yerington Tank 1, a 2MG drinking water tank constructed in 1995. We have plenty of projects for Nathan and I’m glad we found him. Great job!”

Through a Child’s Eyes hired Nathan for this unique signage that can be seen at the entrance to Penrose Estates:

In July of last year, 2022, Nathan summed up his passion for what he does: “It’s increasingly difficult to come by true craft in a world where premium is placed on speed and things are made to be disposable. There is very little in the world that takes your breath away quite like an object that was lovingly crafted, built with care and passion, and presented with pride. When you are seeking that classic look that can only come from a human touch, you just can’t beat a hand lettered sign. I believe that you can only get that authentic feeling once you’re able to feel the love, sweat, and emotions put into every single piece. I pride myself on embodying the passion and craftsmanship that sign painting demands. It takes patience, persistence, and practice. And then…it takes someone who values quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship.”