July 12, 2024

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Joining Forces Recognizes Outstanding LCSO Employees at Office of Traffic Safety Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 LCSO announced:


Lyon County Sheriff’s Office employees were recognized today at the Joining Forces, Office of Traffic Safety conference in Las Vegas.

Awards were given for their dedication to public safety and their outstanding performance throughout the year:
  • K9 Deputy Brian Kharrl and K9 Ares received two awards for “Outstanding Performance in Reducing Impaired Drivers” and “Outstanding Performance in Agency Partnerships”.
  • Deputy Cori Norman received two awards for “Outstanding Officer of the Year ” and “Outstanding Performance in Reducing Distracted Driving”.
  • Deputy Robert Stout received two awards for “Outstanding Officer of the Year” and “Outstanding Performance in Seatbelt Safety”.
  • Sgt. Julie Redmond received an award for her “Outstanding Performance and Coordination” for her efforts in maintaining the Joining Forces Program for the department.
  • Fiscal Manager, Rebecca Martinez received an award for “Outstanding Performance” for her efforts in maintaining the financials for the Joining Forces Program.

Congratulations to everyone for your dedication to public safety in Lyon County.