May 29, 2024

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Yerington Rotary Club Honored by Rotary District 5190, CA/NV USA Visit

Yerington, Nevada ~ On Thursday, August 9th, 2023, Rotary Club of Yerington welcomed a visit from District 5190 Rotarians who wrote of their Yerington compadres:

Oh my my my, this club is busy and growing, Rotary Club of Yerington, Nevada is amazing!! From a very unique place to have a board meeting (when I was told Game Room, I thought cards and poker chips, nope and I was surprised) to a lively evening club meeting.

Area 10 Governor Nora Stevens received the Rotary From The Heart ❤️ Award, President Carrie Baker chose an exceptional person.

I had the honor of awarding 2 Paul Harris awards and then I was able to take away red badges and give blue badges.

Area Governor Nora took me on a tour of projects and branding and wow it is such a treat. I highly recommend visiting this evening club and enjoying their Rotary Hearts.

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