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Mason Valley, Nevada by Phil Wooley on July 9th, 2023

Is The Flood Threat Over In Mason Valley ? Readers Want to Know ~ July 16th, 2023

Mason Valley, Nevada ~ Pizen Switch Times has been keeping track of Walker River Levels at Snyder Bridge where the Mason Gauge is located.  The East Walker and the West Walker converge just above the Snyder Bridge in the Nordyke area.

Today, June 16, 2023 the Mason Gage is presently reading 1240 cfs : cubic feet per second. This is a pretty swift flow for this time of year, but it has decreased significantly since it’s highest flow at 3800 cfs on June 8th.

When 2000 cfs and above was flowing in the Walker,  engineers, construction workers, volunteers, and businesses were scrambling all resources and man power to keep the Walker River in its banks and prevent devastating flooding to Yerington, Mason, the airport, and other assets.

Here are some readings from the Mason gauge over the last 2 months per the USGS (United States Geological Survey) Nevada Water Science Center for the Walker Basin Watershed  https://webapps.usgs.gov/walkerbasinhydromapper/#viewer:

May 21, 2023      2700 cfs (cubic feet per second)

May 25, 2023     3460 cfs

May 31, 2023     3470 cfs

June 08, 2023     3800 cfs

June 14,  2023     3490 cfs

June 16, 2023      3670 cfs

June 18, 2023      3260 cfs

June 24, 2023      2970 cfs

June 30, 2023      2480 cfs

July 02, 2023      2300 cfs

July 08, 2023     2130 cfs

July 10, 2023     2030 cfs

July 13, 2023     1780 cfs

July 14, 2023    1420 cfs

July 15, 2023     1310 cfs

July 16, 2023     1240 cfs

It MAY be safe to say, that today with the Walker River flowing at 1240 cfs, a depleted snowpack in the Walker River Basin and no precipitation predicted in the near future, Mason Valley residents and businesses can “breathe a sigh of relief” that the flooding has passed for this season.

Everyone who took part in the enormous task of fortifying the river banks with 1000s of tons of fill dirt; monitoring the river by drone and by ground; installing culverts; shoring up ditches and canals; regulating the reservoirs and dam releases; keeping the public informed; providing sandbags for anyone in need; clearing the bridges of dangerous debris; etc…these are the people who saved Mason Valley from extensive destruction.

Mason Valley, Nevada as photographed from an airliner on July 09, 2023 by Graphic Artist Phil Wooley:

Here is a link to an outstanding article in the Nevada Appeal written by Jessica Garcia and published June 16, 2023 :

‘Tremendous efforts’ to help Yerington during floods