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LCSO Sheriff Pope’s Message of the Week: June 30, 2023

Message of the Week 06/30/2023

Six months have passed since the new Sheriff’s Office administration was put in place. Over the past six months many changes within the Sheriff’s Office have gone into effect. While engaging with the public at numerous community events, I believe the changes have had a positive effect on our community.

Below are important points of emphasis on changes made within the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office over the past six months:

– The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, Command Staff was restructured. This placed Command Staff throughout Lyon County, in every substation.

– The Silver Springs Patrol squad was reestablished, and the substation manned.

– A concentrated effort on the reduction of response times has led to significant decreases in the amount of time it takes a Patrol Deputy to respond to calls for service.

– A dedicated Coroner position was added, this significantly reduced the amount of time Deputies were spending on Coroner duties. Freeing up time for Patrol Deputies to respond to calls for service.

– The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and the Lyon County School District released a joint statement, and renewed our partnership by adopting a zero tolerance policy on crime in our schools.

– Saturation patrols have been established and operations have been implemented in Dayton, Fernley and Silver Springs. These operations have resulted in numerous arrests and an increased presence of law enforcement.

– The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is taking an active role in our community, by attending and hosting a multitude of community events throughout Lyon County.

– Warrant Wednesday was relaunched and has been very successful in apprehending suspects wanted for various crimes.

– Our Junior Deputy Program is launched, in Dayton. The first class is scheduled for July 8th.

– Due to the increased proactivity of the Sheriff’s Office we have added two additional records clerks to our Records Division.

– The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center is working with our Firefighter partners on creating a more efficient fire dispatch system.

– The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and its Deputies have adopted a policy of accountability. Our Sheriff’s Office understands that we are accountable not only to State law, Sheriff’s Office policy and procedure, but to the community as well.

– Inmate labor is back, assisting with the flood of 2023 preparing hundreds if not thousands of sandbags for use in the community.

– Members of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office are now being recognized for going above and beyond.

– The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is utilizing tools to improve service to the community. These tools are part of intelligence led policing.

– Transparency and communication to the public have increased exponentially.

– All fiscal reporting, liability and responsibility have been moved to the Financial Analyst position.

There have been many more changes made to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office in the first six months. For the sake of time I have listed the major changes, and improvements.

I am attaching a graph that shows the first six months of 2023, compared to the first six months of 2022.

The Deputies, Dispatchers, Administrative Assistants, Jail CRO’s and Department Heads have embraced the changes made at the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and continue to work hard. It is their hard work that reflects in the numbers on the attached graph, reduction in response times, overall efficiency and a better Lyon County.

Please celebrate Independence Day responsibly, and remember this is still the greatest Country in the world.

Sheriff Brad Pope