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Lyon County Sheriff Brad Pope : Message of the Week ~ March 10, 2023

Sheriff Pope’s Message of the Week 03/10/2023:

Opening up communication to the residents of Lyon County, and involving the community, continues to be a major focus of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and my administration. Last evening I had the pleasure of speaking at the Smith Valley Rotary Dinner. (Excellent food at Rosie’s Place) Before, during, and after I was speaking, the audience was engaged and asked numerous questions. The same type of response occurred when I spoke at the Fernley Chamber of Commerce breakfast and the Dayton Chamber of Commerce luncheon. The residents want to know what’s going on in the County.

These interactions with community members reminded me that the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office needs more venues to engage with the public. So….

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office will begin hosting “Town Hall” style meetings on a quarterly basis, in different areas of Lyon County. The first Town Hall meeting will take place in Dayton, in April. The date, time and location is still to be determined but will be announced as soon as possible.

In our series of Town Hall meetings the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office hopes to share:

Important Updates: It is important to update the community on the status of the Sheriff’s Office, changing legislation, crime trends, safety concerns and events taking place within the area.

Visible Leadership: It is important that the community have access to its leaders. The community should gain insight into the thought processes behind the decisions we make that affect the community.

Reinforce Goals and Values: This gives the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office the opportunity to share our law enforcement and community goals with the public.

Promote Teamwork and Collaboration: This also allows the public input on the Sheriff’s Office goals, culture and direction. This leads to a true partnership with the community.

Unfiltered Raw Feedback: The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office wants to hear from the community. Where we are doing well, where we need to improve and what we have possibly over looked. It’s your community, we are here for public service.

Social media has been a convenient way to reach thousands of community members on a regular basis. It is a valuable tool for law enforcement, especially in a county as large as ours. However I believe these Town Hall style meetings will open a flow of information that has not been seen from the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Brad Pope