March 2, 2024

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Yerington Rotary Club Hosts Speech Contest with 7 Outstanding Competitors from YHS

Pizen Switch Times credits Mrs. Aldridge, Honors English Educator and Mentor at Yerington High School, for this article and the accompanying photographs.

Yerington, Nevada ~ The Yerington Rotary Club hosted a speech contest on February 28 at the Jeanne Dini Center in Yerington, Nevada. Seven YHS students competed!

The speech was 5-7 minutes on the prompt “How have you imagined working together to better the lives of others, and how did you implement your idea?”

Students as pictured from left to right, Savannah Draper, Dakota Snyder, Naomie Screen, Hector Ramirez, Chloe Bobrick, Riley Aldridge, and Jacklyn Alarcon:

All participating students were awarded $25, and the top three earned more! Third place, and $50 was awarded to freshman Chloe Bobrick, second place, and $75 was awarded to Riley Aldridge. Savannah Draper took top honors, earning $100 and the privilege to continue in the area level competition later in March.