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Lyon County Sheriff Elect Brad Pope Sends Final Message of 2022

12/30/2022 Message of the Week from Sheriff Elect of Lyon County, Brad Pope

This Message of the Week is my 52nd message to the Citizens of Lyon County, and my last message of the week as the “Candidate for Sheriff” or “Sheriff Elect”.

On Tuesday January 3rd, I will be sworn in as your next Lyon County Sheriff.

What’s the significance of the 52nd message of the week? I have kept my word on bringing back the message of the week, and opening up communication with the Citizens of our County. I will keep my word on continuing the message of the week throughout my tenure as the Lyon County Sheriff, thus continuing the open communication and information sharing we have begun during my campaign.

On another note, the message of the week accomplishes more than communication, it provides the Citizens of Lyon County the ability to hold their Sheriff accountable. I have already read comments such as, “the election is over, no one will do what they said they were going to do” or “politicians just make promises to get elected”. I have not been shy about my plans to change the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, and have shared them repeatedly; I will work diligently to ensure my plans do not fall under those types of comments.

The New Year is upon us in a few short days, and with that, change is coming. You will be kept up to date on the changes and the progress of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year, and next time I address the citizenry it will be as the Sheriff of Lyon County.

Brad Pope
Sheriff Elect, Lyon County