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Lyon County Sheriff Elect Brad Pope Announces Command Staff Selection, Effective January 3, 2022

Message of the Week 12/23/2022 from Lyon County Sheriff-Elect Brad Pope:

The selection of the Command Staff, and restructuring of the agency, were the first difficult decisions that had to be made as Sheriff Elect. The applicants were all qualified, and I believe would do an outstanding job if selected. My initial plan was to share my Command Staff with you last week, however there were contractual issues that needed to be sorted out before the positions were final. I am happy to introduce the new Command Staff of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. These positions will be in effect on January 3rd, 2023:

Chief Deputy / Northern Commander: Mitch Brantingham
Western Commander: Abel Ortiz
Central Commander: Jeff Miller

Southern Commander: Ryan Powell

I planned on sharing the new Command Staff’s training history, professional certifications, and experience, however as I began to type it out, I quickly realized the message would be over 10 Microsoft Word pages long, and ultimately to long for a social media post. I will be highlighting each member of the Command Staff as well as the Lyon County Sheriff’s Deputies over the next year, and that will give you the reader the opportunity to learn more about your public servants.

The new Command Staff have certain traits, experience, and trainings in common, they include:

Special assignment command positions, vast experience in operations planning, tactical planning and execution, advanced field training, leadership training, applying leadership principles, incident command experience on critical incidents and officer involved shootings, strong community relations, strong relationships with County and City Officials, strong leadership qualities, team work, and advanced knowledge of the law and police principles.

There are numerous training hours invested into me and the members of the Command Staff. I would safely estimate 10,000 hours of training have gone into the 5 of us combined. One of my top priorities is increasing the amount of specialized training Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Deputies receive. I want the same training opportunities we had as Deputies to be shared with the current Deputies of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. This not only benefits the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office but the Community we serve.

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! To our Deputies working Christmas, first responders who are working Christmas, and any others working on Christmas, thank you for your service and sacrifice that you continually make to ensure our Community is a better place.

Brad Pope
Sheriff Elect Lyon County