June 12, 2024

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Mason Valley Man Died on Giorgi Lane at Noon from Gunshot Wounds; Shooter Reported Home Invasion

08/08/2022:   911 direct in Yerington has been re-routed through 911 Carson all day today, including for this call.

The reporting person/home owner/shooter called 911 to report that he shot someone during a home invasion, then he gave more information that the intruder was a former roommate and identified him by name. Initial report continued that person was still breathing after being shot 4 times in chest and abdomen with a .32.

While Law Enforcement Officers arrived on scene, Emergency Medical Services staged at Giorgi and Pursel Lane, with Careflight scheduled to arrive at 12:24pm.

Law Enforcement secured the scene with the reporting person/home owner/shooter exiting the front of the home with hands in the air as instructed by 911 dispatch. Dogs at the home had to be penned for safety. The person reportedly died on the porch of the home.

Careflight was cancelled. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived on scene to evaluate 2 females who were reportedly in the home. EMS transported one person to South Lyon Medical Center.

Just after 3:30pm Law Enforcement was reportedly able to notify the deceased’s next of kin.

LCSO Detectives are investigating all aspects of the situation leading up to this young man’s death to determine the truth.

The point of contact for this will be Detective Sergeant Mike Messmann – Mmessmann@lyon-county.org – (775) 577-5206 Ext. 3 if you can offer relevant information.